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Mallory is a technology-driven manufacturer of high-performance audible and visual warning devices.  We manufacture and distribute the Sonalert® brand of electronic audible and visual alarms.  Sonalert is recognized around the world as the standard in audible and visual warning alarms, and other devices such as microphones, speakers, transducers, indicators, and sirens.

With one of the most extensive product offerings available, Mallory Sonalert delivers sound solutions to customers in a variety of industrial, consumer, transportation, medical and military markets. See our 2022 Line Card with a list of some of our most Popular Products.

Recent News

Mallory is now certified to UL (ZPFW2) and CUL (ZPFW8) for Wiring Harness Assembly for Industrial, Transportation, & Medical applications. 

See our 2022 Line Card

Alarms Used in Construction

Our alarms are trusted to be used in the construction industry


Our Parts are Used Across the World

Our components are using in all type of products across the world

Medical Components

We create parts for a variety of medical devices

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