22mm Industrial Panel Alarms

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22mm Industrial Panel AlarmMallory’s 22mm Industrial Panel Alarms are truly revolutionary, having the lowest cost and most options of any similarly sized panel alarm. While there are literally only a handful of competitor model numbers available world-wide, Mallory offers 275-part numbers which gives customers numerous choices to better match the alarm to the application. One way to understand Mallory’s 22mm industrial panel alarm capabilities is to look at the part number structure:

Parts Number Structure

There are 5 different voltage ranges, and the sound level of these devices has three options- loud, medium, & soft. A loud sound level is used for most industrial applications, but the medium and soft sound levels are appropriate for less noisy areas such as warehouses, restaurants, or an office environment.

The last feature to choose is the sound type which includes standard sounds such as a continuous or fast pulse tone, but also several very unique sounds are available:

  • Fast Double Pulse Tone: 1 double beep every half second
  • Slow Double Pulse Tone: 1 double beep every 2 seconds
  • 10 Sec. Delay: Wait 10 seconds before issuing continuous tone
  • 1 Min On-Time: Issue continuous tone for 1 minute and then turn off
  • Fast Speed-Up: Over 30 sec’s, speed up from 1 beep per 2 sec’s to 8 beeps per sec
  • Multi-Tone: Four different tones in one package.  See the PDF Literature for a description of the four sounds used on the multi-tone models.

Environmental approvals include UL & CUL, NEMA 4X, 3R, & 12, and CSA C22.2 No. 94. The finger-proof termination prevents shock & shorting, and saves assembly time and labor. With an operating temperature range of -30 ° C to + 70 ° C, these 22 mm panel alarms are rated for indoor use.

Mallory’s 22mm panel alarm parametric search will help you find the model number needed for any industrial control application.

American Flag - Made in the USAMallory’s 22mm Panel Alarm series is made-in-the-USA.  Mallory, an ISO 9001:2015 company, has been manufacturing audible and visual alarms for over 50 years. With 12 active patents, Mallory is the technology leader in audible and visual alarm devices.

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