22mm Panel Alarms with LED’s & New Speaker Models

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Added Visual Component Offers New Flexibility to ZT Series of Audible Alarms

With the addition of an LED visual component to our popular new 22mm panel alarm series, Mallory provides more options for users. While an audible alarm is often desirable to capture attention and communicate an
alert, an accompanying visual indication can also be beneficial.

This new ZT series of alarms allows for simultaneous visual and audible alerts, and some models offer users the additional option of silencing the audible alarm after 15 or 30 seconds while leaving the LED visual indication blinking until power is removed. This feature lets the operator know that the alarm condition is still present without the distraction of the prolonged audible alarm sound. By combining both audible and visual alarm components in one small package, these versatile models can help save valuable space and money and are well-suited for industrial controls, transportation, and medical applications.

The new ZT series of alarms combines audible and visual alerts in one small device.

Expanded Speaker Offerings Deliver More Options

Mallory is expanding our miniature electronic speaker selection with the addition of 23 new models, all of which feature a water-resistant mylar cone. These new speakers provide additional options in size and shape for applications which require more functionality than a piezo device can provide. For example, these miniature speakers would be ideally suited to those applications within the industrial, transportation, and medical industries that use low-frequency sounds, voice, or complex sounds. New
speaker models include the following:

  • Bare Circular Speakers (9 models) with diameters ranging from 10 mm to 50 mm.
  • Low-Profile Square Speakers (7 models) with thicknesses of 2.5 mm to 7 mm. These are suitable for industrial, medical, computer, communications, and consumer applications and can be press-fit onto a printed circuit board, minimizing assembly time and cost.
  • Mounted Speakers (5 models) with PC pins that can be inserted into PC boards and wave-soldered.
  • Square Speakers (2 models) with mounting brackets for easy assembly.

For more information about these new speakers, visit our Speakers product page (Note: New miniature electronic speakers are indicated by product numbers ending in K.)

Look for Mallory’s New Stack Light Series – Coming This Year

Mallory’s new stack light series, set to launch before the end of 2015, will give customers options which until this time have been unavailable. Models will consist of 1 to 5 stacks (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Clear) and will be offered both with and without an audible alarm. The optional audible alarm utilizes patented Mallory technology and offers an improvement over what is currently available in the market. First of all, the audible alarm has a desirable sound frequency of 2000 Hz which is at least 1000 Hz less than other alarms currently available. Additionally, the sound option offers access to 4 different sounds in each light stack. These sounds will include continuous, medium pulse, slow double pulse, and a new sound which is a constant tone for 5 seconds followed by a short pulse every 5 seconds. The stack lights, also known as light towers, work well in industrial control environments.

Our new stack lights will offer several advantages over products currently available.

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