At Mallory, we know that assuring product quality means starting long before your product release date. Each step in the production cycle is monitored using various statistical evaluation methods, including SPC. As part of our Quality Planning System, we also utilize reliability testing and process capability studies.

Mallory Sonalert Quality Policy:

“We will deliver competitive products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations”


We: The company as a whole and each individual employee.

Competitive: Provide the customer with more value for the investment than the competition.

Customer: The person or organization that receives our output, either inside or outside the company.
In pursuit of this overall policy, it is the intent of the company that:

  • No product offered to a customer will contain a known condition that is inconsistent with the applicable contract requirements or advertised specifications applying to it.
  • All products offered to the marketplace will consistently exceed the customer’s expectation and thereby contribute positively to the company’s product quality reputation.
  • Products containing the company trademark must be made to the same exacting standards and quality assurance requirements regardless of where the material was purchased or manufactured.