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Accessories and Replacement Parts Extend the Value of Mallory’s Products

Mallory Sonalert® provides cutting-edge alarm products for a broad range of applications across a wide variety of industries. Our ongoing technical research and innovation allow us to bring to market new products that meet the varying needs of our customers. We continue to improve upon the current standards and offer an ever-increasing number of options. One way we are able to efficiently fulfill the specific demands of our customers is by offering a variety of accessories and replacement parts that can be purchased separately to modify products. This newsletter highlights some examples of Mallory parts that can be installed to adapt existing products to improve performance within specific situations.

When Waterproofing is Required

When circumstances require that Mallory’s Series of 30 mm panel alarms be equipped with waterproof protection, Mallory offers Part Number (P/N) ACC03. This neoprene gasket has been UL and cUL qualified to use with any SC or SCE series alarm to meet NEMA 3R, 4X, and 12. When using the gasket, place the gasket behind the panel to ensure its waterproof rating.

For applications requiring submersion in water equivalent to IP-67, use P/N ACC09. This rubber gasket has been certified by Mallory to meet IP-67 use, indicating it can withstand immersion in water of a depth of 15 cm to 1 m for 30 minutes.

When the Sound Level is Too Loud

If your 30 mm panel alarm is too loud, you can purchase a manual sound baffle (P/N SCVC). Adding this sound baffle to the front of the alarm allows the user to manually control the sound level by turning the shutter open for more sound or closed for less (up to 20 dB less). This accessory consists of three individual piece parts – a screw, a shutter, and a baffle plate. Instructions are included on how to connect the baffle to the front of an alarm.

Sound baffles provide users with the ability to manually control the sound level.

When an Alternate Mounting Is Needed- 30mm Panel Alarms

The Mallory 30 mm alarm series was designed to fit in a 30 mm panel hole. However, some applications do not have adequate room to mount the alarm on the panel. In fact, in some applications there is not even a panel to mount to. For these situations, Mallory offers P/N ACC01, a metal L bracket, which allows the alarm to be mounted externally.

When the 30 mm alarm cannot be mounted to the panel, P/N ACC01 allows for external mounting.

When an Alternate Mounting Is Needed- Stacklights

Mallory’s stacklight series is also available with alternative mounting options (either direct mounting or pole mounting). A stacklight with a direct mount option comes with a ½” NPT pipe that is 1.125” in length along with a hex nut. The idea is to put a ½” hole on top of the machine and mount the light directly to the machine. On the other hand, a stacklight ordered with the pole mounting option comes with a 12” pole (stainless steel is the default option) and a bottom bracket that has three mounting holes used to mount to the top of the machine. Underneath the bottom bracket is a gasket to help seal the bracket to the machine top. What if you purchased one option, but decide later that you want the other? Mallory offers replacement parts that can be purchased for this conversion. To convert from Pole Mount to Direct Mount, purchase:

  • P/N J-NUT

To convert from Direct Mount to Pole Mount, purchase:

  • Either the black electroplated 12” pipe (P/N J-POLE-E) or the standard 12” Stainless Steel Pipe (P/N J-POLE-S)

When There is the Risk of Electric Shock

Most of Mallory’s SC series alarms utilize exposed metal screw terminals. For higher voltage AC applications, personnel with physical access to the terminals when voltage is applied may be exposed to the risk of electric shock. To mitigate this concern, Mallory offers P/N RSB1, which is a rubber boot that fits over the back of the alarm body to physically cover the metal terminals.

P/N RSB1 protects against the risk of electric shock.

When Components Must Be Flush with Panel

When one of Mallory’s 30 mm panel alarms are mounted to a machine panel, the front of the housing will protrude through the panel by up to a half inch. For some panel designs, it is preferred that all panel components be flush mount with the panel. To meet this need, Mallory is introducing a new accessory with P/N SCFM16 to allow a 30 mm alarm to be flush mounted with the panel. This accessory consists of 2 pieces, a flush mount nut and a gasket. To use this accessory, place the flush mount nut through the front of the panel. Then place the gasket over the nose of the 30 mm alarm and insert the alarm from behind the panel into the flush mount nut. Then tighten until the front of the alarm is flush with the panel. This accessory is brand new, so contact Mallory Sonalert at 317-612-1000 or for more information.

P/N SCFM16 allows for flush mounting of the 30 mm alarm.

When Individual Parts Require Replacement or Upgrade

Mallory’s ZA Series features an industrial panel alarm that fits in a standard 22.5 mm hole. Mallory’s ZT Series features the same 22 mm package size, but adds a LED to the front of the alarm, allowing both an audible and visual indicating in one small package. These alarms are UL and CUL approved and qualified to meet NEMA 3R, 4X, and 12 (IP-66). When replacement parts for these alarms are needed, the following are available:

  • P/N 22MMGASKET: Replacement NEMA Gasket
  • P/N 22MMNUT: Replacement Knurled Nut
  • P/N 22MMPLUG-2: Replacement Euro-terminal for 2 Prong Models (All Models Except Multi-Tone Models).
  • P/N 22MMPLUG-4: Replacement Euro-Terminal for 4 Prong Models (Multi-tone Models)

Additionally, sometimes customers desire to upgrade certain standard components. For example, Mallory’s standard industrial SC series alarms come with a black plastic knurled nut to secure the alarm to the panel, and the military grade SC alarms come with a black anodized aluminum nut. Some applications may require that the standard nut be upgrade to a metal nut. Whether you need a replacement plastic nut or want to upgrade to a metal nut, these knurled nuts can be purchased separately. Nuts available for this series of alarms include:

  • P/N PNR1: the black plastic nut.
  • P/N BNR1: the black anodized aluminum nut.
  • P/N CNR1: the clear anodized aluminum nut.

When equipment requires replacement or upgrades, Mallory products offer beneficial solutions.

The specific situations explained above are just a sampling of the extensive options offered by Mallory. Our considerable accessory and replacement offerings give you greater flexibility and capability. For a full list of all our available products, visit our website.

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