Introducing Mallory’s MSW Series of IEC 60601-1-8 Medical Alarms which use the IEC Supplied Melody Sound Files

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IEC 60601-1-8 AM2 (2020) is the latest IEC specification that covers the use of audible alarms in medical equipment.  Annex G of IEC 60601-1-8 AM2 (2020) adds the ability to produce melody tones by using IEC supplied sound files.

Mallory’s new MSW series uses these IEC sound files, and is approved by UL to meet IEC 60601-1-8 AM2 (2020) Annex G.

MSW SeriesThe MSW series uses the same PC pin layout, and electronic control of the current popular MSS series (23 x 13 mm).  So, if a medical application is already using a 2 PC pin or 5 PC pin MSS model, the equivalent MSW model will drop right in.  For example, model MSS5C (three cardiac priority tones) can directly be replaced by model MSW5C (three cardiac priority tones using IEC sound files).

Like the MSS Series, the MSW series offers several different medical priority tone options such as 1 priority tone, all 3 priority tones, and models with 1 or 2 priority tones and a 2500 Hz non-medical tone which can be used for other audible indication needs.

Mallory 100% tests every medical alarm to verify qualification to IEC 60601-1-8, checks the sound level & current values, records the sounds generated by the alarm, and ties all this saved data to the serial number listed on the alarm label.

Based on the popularity of current MSS models, Mallory expects the following MSW models to be popular also, and these models will soon be in distributor stock ready for prototyping:

3 Priority Tone Models:

MSW5C – Cardiac
MSW5D – Drug or Fluid Delivery
MSW5E – Equipment or Supply Failure
MSW5G – General
MSW5P – Artificial Perfusion
MSW5T – Temp or Energy
MSW5V -Ventilation

High Priority Tone Only:

MSW5CH – Cardiac
MSW5GH – General
MSW5PH – Artificial Perfusion
MSW5TH – Temp or Energy
MSW5VH – Ventilation

Medium Priority Tone Only:

MSW5GM – General

Low Priority Tone Only:

MSW5GL – Used for Any Melody

High Priority, 2500 Hz Continuous Tone, 2500 Hz Medium Pulse Tone)

MSW5GHCMP – General

High Priority, Low Priority, & 2500 Hz Continuous Tone)

MSW5CLHCT – Cardiac
MSW5GLHCT – General
MSW5PLHCT – Artificial Perfusion
MSW5VLHCT – Ventilation

High Priority, Medium Priority, & 2500 Hz Continuous Tone)

MSW5CMHCT – Cardiac
MSW5GMHCT – General
MSW5PMHCT – Artificial Perfusion
MSW5VMHCT – Ventilation

Medium Priority, Low Priority, & 2500 Hz Continuous Tone)

MSW5CLMCT – Cardiac
MSW5GLMCT – General
MSW5PLMCT – Artificial Perfusion
MSW5VLMCT – Ventilation

If you don’t see the one you need above, many more MSW models are available on our medical alarm webpage.

American Flag - Made in the USAMallory’s IEC 60601-1-8 Medical Alarms are manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana with lead-times of stock to 4 weeks, they are CUL Approved, and 100% Tested by Mallory to IEC 60601-1-8.

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