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Panel Alarms

For 55 years, Mallory Sonalert has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of audible alarms, buzzers, transducers, and sirens. More recently, Mallory has also become known for our visual indication products.

Panel AlarmsMallory’s 22 mm panel alarms with LED’s offer a visual light as well as an audible sound when powered. In most models, the sound and light activate at the same time, but models are available in which the sound and light can be controlled independently comprising a true 2-in-1 device in a compact 22 mm package.

StacklightsMallory’s 60 mm and 30 mm Stacklights (AKA Tower Lights) are available with or without sound, and in a direct mount or pole mount package. While the 60 mm Stacklights go on large machines, Mallory’s 30 mm Stacklights are used on medium and smaller semi-automatic equipment such as robotics, 3D printers, label & printing machines, and laboratory, pharmaceutical, scientific, and engineering equipment. Mallory’s 30 mm Stacklights are the lightest and lowest cost in the industry. All Stacklights are CUL approved.

Panel LEDNeed an industrial Panel LED?  Mallory has you covered with a complete line of skillfully designed body styles encompassing panel hole sizes from 6 to 22 mm, voltages from 2 to 220 volts, and multiple termination & mounting options. Colors include Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, & White. If you need CUL or IP-65 rated models, we have those too.

American Flag - Made in the USAMallory’s Stacklights, and 22 mm panel alarms with LED lights are manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana with lead-times of stock to 4 weeks

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