Mallory’s 22mm Panel Alarms + LED Light

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22mm Panel Alarms LEDIf Mallory’s 22mm panel alarms were not revolutionary enough, the ZT Series of 22mm Panel Alarms + Light includes a LED light on the front end. These audible & visual panel indicators are the lowest cost and most versatile in the world.  Like the 22mm panel alarms, examining the ZT part number structure helps to understand the multitude of features available:

After determining the voltage range, sound level, & sound type needed, there are 5 LED colors to choose from.  The final option is to add a sound on-time if needed. This feature is used for those applications where it is desired to silence the audible sound after 15 or 30 seconds while leaving the LED flashing so the operator knows that the machine issue is still present.

Most ZT models are configured where the alarm sound & LED light are activated simultaneously. For example, a continuous tone model has an LED which is also continuously lighted, and for a fast pulse tone model, the LED flashes at the same quick rate as the pulsing sound.

22mm Panel LED with soundFor those applications which require the audible alarm & LED to function separately, Mallory offers models which have a 4-position terminal block with two of them controlling the LED, and two of them controlling the sound. This means the sound & light are controlled independently of each other, and the machine has total control of the device’s sound & light activation.

     This true 2-in-1 panel indicator saves space on the control panel, saves installation time & cost, and can provide a material cost savings since only one audible & visual device is purchased rather than buying a separate panel alarm and panel light.

Independently Controlled LED or Sound
Popular Part Numbers
P/N Voltage Sound Type Sound Type
ZT028LDIC1R 6 to 28 Vdc Continuous Red
ZT028LDIC2R 6 to 28 Vdc Fast Pulse Red
ZT028LDIC3R 6 to 28 Vdc Slow Pulse Red
ZT028LAIC1R 6 to 28 Vac/dc Continuous Red
ZT028LAIC3R 6 to 28 Vac/dc Slow Pulse Red
ZT028LDIC1G 6 to 28 Vdc Continuous Green
ZT028LAIC3B 6 to 28 Vac/dc Slow Pulse Blue

Mallory’s ZT series has the same environmental approvals as the 22mm alarm series including UL & CUL, NEMA 4X, 3R, & 12, and CSA C22.2 No. 94. 

American Flag - Made in the USAMallory ZT Series of 22mm Panel Alarm + LED Light is made-in-the-USA. As an ISO 9001:2015 company, Mallory and has the broadest line of audible and visual signaling devices in the industry, and has been the technology leader for over 50 years.

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