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New Alarms Combine Audible and Visual Components

Alarms in Mallory Sonalert’s new ZT series are now available. These new alarms combine the audible capabilities of our popular 22mm panel alarms with an added LED visual alarm component. In addition to offering a wide (nearly unlimited) range of audible warning options, the new series allows for a simultaneous visual alert. By providing both audible and visual alarm components in one compact device, these alarms offer a more functional solution that is both cost-effective and space- saving.

Some models of the ZT series are also equipped with the additional capability to silence the audible alarm after 15 or 30 seconds while leaving the LED visual indication blinking until power is removed. This feature lets the operator know that the alarm condition is still present without the distraction of the prolonged audible alarm sound. These alarms are well- suited for industrial controls, transportation, and medical applications.

Distributors are currently shipping alarms in the ZT series. You can check for availability or find out more about these models on our website,

Products in the ZT series combine audible and visual alarms in one small package.

New Miniature Speaker Models Are Now Available

Last year Mallory Sonalert introduced 23 new miniature electronic speaker models. These speakers are being utilized across multiple industries for applications which require functionality beyond what piezo speakers can provide. Specifically, the new speaker models have supported applications which require the use of low-frequency sounds, voice, or complex sounds. Most models feature a water-resistant mylar cone and represent a range of size, shape, and mounting options.

New speakers in the series include Circular Speakers (9 models) with diameters ranging from 10 mm to 50 mm and Mounted Speakers (5 models), which feature PC pins that can be inserted into PC boards and wave-soldered. Also included are Square Speakers (2 models) with mounting brackets and Low-Profile Square Speakers (thicknesses of 2.5 mm to 7 mm), which can be press-fit onto a printed circuit board. Mallory Sonalert’s Vice President of Marketing, Dan O’Brien, explains, “One benefit of both the square speakers and the low-profile square speakers is the ease with which they can be integrated, keeping assembly time and cost low.” These new speakers are suitable for industrial, transportation, medical, computer, communications, and consumer applications.

Products in the new speaker series are now available for immediate purchase. For more information about these new speakers, visit our Speakers page. (Note: New miniature electronic speakers are indicated by product numbers ending in K.)

New miniature speakers provide additional functionality beyond piezo speakers.

Mallory Demonstrates Continuing Technical Leadership Since 1968

When the first electronic audible alarm was introduced to the industrial market in 1968, it was a product of Mallory Sonalert. Today we continue to lead through innovation as we regularly bring novel products and product enhancements to market. As we become aware of challenges within the market for which there is no current solution, we get to work creating new products to address these unmet needs of our customers. Of Mallory’s 13 active patents, 6 have been issued since 2010. In the last few years alone we have used patented technology to create multiple state-of-the-art alarm series that represent advancements within the industry. For example, our new IEC 60601-1-8 Medical alarms meet the IEC 60601-1-8 requirements while producing an increased sound level (typical sound level of 100 dB @ 10 cm), which is ideal for louder environments, such as operating rooms. We have also introduced various alarms that utilize microcontrollers in order to make practically any imaginable warning sound available to users.

Perhaps the best example of our technical leadership may be our cUL- approved 22mm alarms with LED lights series, which draws on multiple patented technologies. These ultra-compact devices utilize patented microcontroller technology to enable a nearly unlimited range of warning sounds with the additional control of the LED light. These devices also utilize a patented modular design that enables a loud sound level (up to 95 dBa @ 2 ft), a high operating voltage (up to 120 Vac), and a NEMA 4X level waterproof rating.

Mallory continues to bring to market the products our customers need. One of Mallory’s latest patents covers wireless industrial alarm technology. Using this technology, Mallory is currently developing products for applications such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT), medical, and other industrial applications where it would be useful for the audible alarm to become detached from the monitoring equipment and stay with the person wherever they need to go. Customers can expect to see Mallory continuing to lead the way in pioneering new technology and creating vital products.

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