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New Stacklights Offer Superior Light and Sound Components

The new stacklight series from Mallory Sonalert offers the industry’s best in terms of both lights and sounds. The state-of-the-art brilliant LED lights feature up to 5 colors (red, yellow, green, blue, or clear) and operate without bright spots and light flares. A distinct advantages of the sound component is its exclusive 2000 Hz frequency, which is preferable to the 3000 Hz or higher frequencies offered by other products on the market. Each stacklight is equipped with 4 sounds, including continuous, medium pulse (5 pps), plus two new unique sounds (a slow double pulse and a continuous tone for 5 seconds followed by a short pulse tone every 1 second).

Customers will be pleased with the range of options available to address varying needs in power (24 Vac/dc or 120 Vac), mounting (pole or direct mount), and sound (with or without). All 24 Vac/dc stacklights in this series are now cUL approved with a NEMA 12 rating (not for outdoor use) as well as RoHS compliant. The 120 Vac parts will have cUL approval in the 1st Qtr 2017.

This series of stacklights fits the needs of a wide variety of industrial control applications. Typically, the stacklights are mounted to the top of machinery to indicate whether the equipment is operating (green), not operating (red), or paused (yellow). Clear and blue lights can be used to communicate additional information as needed. From machine tooling to large medical equipment, from printers to pharmaceutical equipment, from brewing and distilling to semiconductor fabrication, our stacklights are used across a variety of industries. Visit our website for more information about stacklights.

Offering options in power, mounting, and sound, new stacklights are ideal for industrial control applications.

Mallory Introduces New Microphone Elements

Mallory is pleased to introduce a new line of omni-directional microphone elements consisting of 16 part numbers. These microphone elements utilize electret condenser and dynamic technology, which is well-established within the microphone market. For most general industrial uses, these microphones provide good performance and ease of use in a small package at a low cost.

All microphone elements in this series have an operating voltage range of 1 to 10 volts and are available with diameters ranging from 4 mm to 9.7 mm. We offer an array of termination options, including solder tabs, PC pins, wires, and solderless bullseye. Additionally, all microphone elements have a maximum impedance of 2.2 kOhm and a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N Ratio) of more than 58 dB. The sensitivity rating of our microphones meets or exceeds the ratings of comparable microphone elements on the market.

The microphones are suitable for applications such as sound recognition, noise sensing, recording equipment, telecommunication equipment, and voice recognition devices. By adding these microphones to our product offerings, Mallory is able to extend coverage of the audible products marketplace for consumer, industrial, medical, and military markets. Keep an eye on Mallory’s website which will be adding the microphone product line very soon.

Mallory’s new omni-directional microphones provide good performance and ease of use in a small package at a low cost.

A Year of Anniversaries: 100th for Mallory and 50th for Mallory Sonalert

It has been one hundred years since the P.R. Mallory company was established in 1916 to manufacture drawn tungsten wire for light bulb filaments. From these humble beginnings, the company has both grown and diversified. Today, their manufactured products, such as capacitors (Discaps®), batteries (Duracell®), audible alarms (Sonalert®), semiconductor products, plastic products, timers and controls, and metallurgical products, are used throughout the world.

Mallory Sonalert is also celebrating 50 years of Sonalert® audible alarm milestones. While the Sonalert® name was actually trademarked in 1964, at that time the P.R. Mallory Company was producing electromechanical buzzers which utilized electro-magnets and a mechanical means of generating the sound (like the old-fashioned alarm clocks where a hammer would repeatedly strike a bell). It was on October 4th, 1966, that Bronson Potter revolutionized the alarm industry when he was issued a patent for an electronic alarm which utilized a piezoelectric transducer. Mallory eventually obtained the rights to this patent and offered the first practical electronic alarm product line to the industrial, military, and aerospace markets in 1969 under the Sonalert® trademark name. P/N SC628 was the first audible alarm part number issued, and it is still being produced today (albeit with modern technology).

From the beginning, the Mallory name has been associated with high quality and state-of-the art products. Mallory Sonalert continues to create innovative products that meet the varied demands of our customers. With a distinguished history and a clear vision to  carry on in this tradition, Mallory Sonalert’s future remains bright.

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