New 22mm with LED Panel Alarms & 120 Vac Stacklights

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Mallory’s Miniature Panel Alarm Series Gets an Upgrade

New additions to Mallory’s 22mm Panel Alarms with LED Lights series mean even more choices and greater flexibility. Just last year, we added models with the capability for both light and sound alarms to this series. Now we are introducing models with two new capabilities: the integration of multi-tone sound options and the ability to independently control sound and light alarms.

Multi-tone Sound Options

Until this new product release, users were limited to models with one sound and light option for each model. One typical example is P/N ZT120LDCM1B, shown below. This model is a 120 Vac, loud, chime tone audible alarm accompanied by a blue LED light which blinks in tandem with the chime tone sound.

The cUL approved 22mm panel mount alarm plus blue LED light is a two terminal device. When voltage is applied, the single sound and light are activated at the same time.

In contrast, Mallory is now offering eight new multi-tone sound options in models with either 16 Vdc and 28 Vdc voltage. Each alarm part number can produce 4 different sounds in a single package. These ten different tones are available: continuous, slow pulse, fast pulse, chirp, slow chime, fast chime, slow warble, fast warble, slow siren, and fast siren. The tones are offered in the following eight combinations:

  • MT1: Continuous, Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse, Chirp
  • MT2: Continuous, Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse, Slow Chime
  • MT3: Continuous, Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse, Fast Chime
  • MT4: Continuous, Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse, Slow Warble
  • MT5: Continuous, Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse, Fast Warble
  • MT6: Continuous, Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse, Fast Siren
  • MT7: Continuous, Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse, Slow Siren
  • MT8: Continuous, Fast Pulse, Slow Chime, Slow Warble

An example of this new product line is new P/N ZT028LDMT8R (shown below), which is a 28 Vdc, loud, multi-tone audible alarm with a red LED light, which blinks in tandem with each of the 4 different audible alarm sounds (continuous, fast pulse, slow chime, and slow warble). The four sounds are activated using two control wires in addition to the power connections.

These new multi-tone alarms provide cost savings as well as improvements in safety and efficiency. This single multi-tone unit can replace the multiple alarms, offering an overall cost savings in both piece part cost and installation cost. Using multiple sounds on a machine can also improve safety and efficiency since the operator will hear different sounds depending on the issue that needs to be addressed on the machine.

The above cUL approved 22mm panel mount alarm plus red LED light is a 4 terminal device which can produce 4 different sounds. When voltage is applied to the 2 power terminals, the device issues 1 of 4 different audible sounds depending on how the two control wires are grounded. The data sheet details how to ground the control wires to generate each sound, and wiring charts are also available. When the audible sound is activated, the light also illuminates.

Independently Controlled Light and Sound Models

As mentioned above, for all the currently available 22mm with LED light models (including the new multi-tone models), the LED and sound are internally tied together. If the sound is continuous, the light is on continuously. If the sound pulses, the light pulses at the same time as the sound. What if, instead of Mallory controlling the LED light, the user is given control? This would provide the user with a true twoin-one device where a single physical unit can produce a sound alarm, a light indication, or both. Mallory is offering three new Independently Controlled Light and Sound Models:

  • IC1: Continuous Sound, Continuous LED
  • IC2: Fast Pulsing Sound, Continuous LED
  • IC3: Slow Pulsing Sound, Continuous LED

For example, P/N ZT120LAIC2R (shown below) is a 120 Vac device which offers 2 sets of independent terminals. When 120 Vac is applied to the sound terminals, the device issues a fast pulse sound. When 120 Vac is applied to the LED terminals, the red LED light activates. When 120 Vac is applied to both sets of terminals, the audible sound and light are both activated. In other words, in a small 22mm panel package, the customer gets an audible alarm and light where both are independently controlled. This saves the user panel space and overall cost since only one device needs to be installed on the machine instead of separate audible panel and LED panel device. The independently controlled light and sound units can truly replace the panel alarm and panel LED with one single unit since both are controlled independently. This saves space, installation costs, and over-all piece part cost.

The cUL approved independently controlled 22mm alarms + LED light devices also have 4 terminals like the multi-tone models. However, on these true two-in-one devices, 2 of the terminals are dedicated to the sound portion and 2 of the terminals are dedicated to the LED portion. This gives the user total control of when the sound and/or LED light are activated.

120 Vac Stacklights Now cUL Approved

In late 2016, Mallory introduced our cUL approved 28 Vac/dc stacklights, which offer up to 5 different stack colors (red, yellow, green, blue, and clear). Just this month, we have added a 120 Vac option to our stacklight series. These 120 Vac models are cUL approved to UL508 and NEMA 12X / IP-52 and provide a more practical solution for some applications. Mallory also offers these models with sound and without sound. The units with sound feature a desirable 2 KHz sound frequency which is at least 1000 Hz lower than the competition. Each stacklight with sound also offers 4 different sound options, including 2 sound options that are brand new to the industry.

Mallory’s stacklights are now available in 120 Vac or 28 Vac/dc options. These cUL approved devices are available in direct mount options (shown on above left) or pole mount options (shown on above right).

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