New Product Video for 23mm IEC 60601-1-8 Medical Alarms

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Video of MSS MSWMallory has released the product video for our 23 mm MSS & MSW Series of IEC 60601-1-8 medical alarms. Mallory introduced our first 2 medical alarm models in 2009, and now there are over 900 models available covering just about every configuration that a medical equipment designer could think of.

The new MSW Series alarms are qualified by UL & CUL to IEC 60601-1-8 AMD2 (2020) Annex G which means that they utilize the IEC provided .WAV sound files. As an enhancement, the MSW Series models have an extended operating voltage range spanning from 2.7 to 5.5 Vdc which covers lower voltage application needs.

The compact MSW Series medical alarms utilize a speaker in a 23 x 13 mm housing, and emit 90 dB @ 10 cm. Models are available which have one medical priority tone, three medical priority tones, and two medical priority tones along with a third 2500 Hz tone which can be used for non-medical sounds. Examples of models with one, two, & three medical priority tones include:

  • MSW5PH (Perfusion Melody; High Priority Tone)
  • MSW5P (Perfusion Melody; High, Medium, & Low Priority Tones)
  • MSW5PMHCT (Perfusion Melody, High & Medium Priority Tones, 2500 Hz Continuous Tone)

Mallory’s MSW Series is not the only one approved to IEC 60601-1-8 AMD2 (2020) because the MSS Series also has models qualified to AMD2 (2020) including: P/N MSS300R (mounted speaker only),      P/N MSS5M0 (continuous tone), and the many General tone MSS models. So, if a medical application is currently using one of these MSS models, the same model number can be used when moving to AMD2 (2020).

However, if the application is currently using a MSS Series model with an Appendix F melody such as: Cardiac, Perfusion, Ventilation, Oxygen, Temp/Energy, Drug/Fluid, or Equipment/Supply, a substitution is needed to the equivalent MSW model when qualifying to AMD2 (2020) because Appendix F is discontinued for AMD2 (2020). The good news is that Mallory’s MSW Series uses the identical PC pin layout & control scheme as the MSS Series, so the corresponding MSW model will drop right into the application without any changes needed. For example, if the medical application is currently using P/N MSS5C (three priority cardiac tones), the MSW substitute is P/N MSW5C (three priority cardiac tones using the IEC provided sound files). A side-by-side comparison will show they are equivalent in size, electronic control, and sound level.

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