22mm Industrial Alarms

22mm Industrial Alarms

Mallory Sonalert’s 22mm Industrial alarms are the smallest, most functional, and lowest cost 22mm alarms in the industry. In addition to an audible sound, Mallory also offers models with an LED light to provide even more value to the application. These UL and CUL approved alarms come with a neoprene gasket and are rated NEMA 4X for outside or waterproof applications. To electrically connect to the alarm, a finger-poof safe euro-terminal is provided which saves installation time and cost.

The 22mm Industrial Alarms with Terminal Bock models (ZA Series) offer soft, medium, and loud sound levels with voltage options from 12 Vdc up to 120 Vac/dc. There are over 16 different sound types to choose from including multi-tone options which have 4 different sound types in one alarm.

The 22mm Alarms with LED models (ZT Series) feature both an audible and visual indication in one unit. The LED colors are available in red, yellow, green, white, and blue, and there over a dozen different sound types to choose from. These models are designed to activate both the audible sound and LED’s at the same time. For some applications, it may take a while for the machine fault condition to clear, so Mallory offers models where the sound silences after 15 or 30 seconds, but the LED flashes until the machine turns off the alarm.

For the Independently Controlled LED or Alarm models, the LED and audible alarm are controlled separately, so the machine controller has absolute control over both the alarm & LED’s and can turn either one on or off independent of the other. This device is a true 2-in-1 audible & visual indicator which can replace a separate panel alarm and panel LED with one device which saves installation time, panel space, and provides an overall cost savings.

22mm Industrial Alarm Applications

  • Industrial Control
  • Level Detectors
  • Medical
  • Elevators
  • Material Handling
  • Water Treatment
  • Postal Machines
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Medical Scanning
  • Garage Door Openers