Indicator Alarms

Indicator Alarms

Mallory’s indicator alarms come with circuitry, so only DC voltage is needed. Package types include surface mount (SMT), PC pins, flange mount, a 22mm panel or flange mount, and a tamper-proof panel mount.

The Piezo Indicator models utilize a piezoelectric transducer to generate the sound which means low current draw and a wide variety of sound frequencies and sound levels. There are many PC Pin mount models including the premium models in the MSR & MSO Series which feature high performance, high quality, low lead-times, and are made-in-the-USA. SMT models include ASI09N40MQ (Cut Tape), ASI09N40MTRQ (Tape-n-Reel), ASI12N35MQ (Cut Tape), & ASI12N35MTRQ (Tape-n-Reel).  Also available are models which possess flanges with wire termination.

The Electromagnetic indicator models feature electromagnetic technology which has good sound level in small package sizes at low voltages. There five different SMT models with either Tape-n-Reel or Cut-Tape packaging. The PC Pin mount buzzers have diameters of 9 to 12mm.

Mallory’s Specialty Sound indicator models (MSE Series) feature a 23 x 14mm package size, 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc nominal voltage, and several sound types not normally available such as sirens, chirps, chimes, ding dongs, and many other unique sounds. MSE Series models are made-in-the-USA.

Mallory’s 22mm Panel or Flange models fit into a 22mm mounting hole or can be mounted by the flanges. They have a very loud sound level and are available with several sound types such as continuous, slow pulse, or fast pulse tones. These models are not sealed and are suitable for indoor use only.

Mallory’s Tamper-proof alarms feature a low-profile housing that fits into a 33mm mounting hole. The nut goes on the backside of the alarm behind the panel so that it cannot be easily taken off. Models are available with a medium or loud sound level, and several different sound types.

The Electro-Mechanical indicator models utilize older technology which generates the sound by mechanical means. The advantage of these models is a very low sound frequency (400 to 1200 Hz). 

Indicator Alarm Applications

  • Medical Devices
  • Dental Equipment
  • Hand Held Electronic Devices
  • Monitors & Detectors
  • Appliances
  • Surge Protectors
  • Keypad Entry
  • Low Battery Indicators
  •  ATM’s
  • Other Electronic Applications