Mallory Sonalert Products 60mm Stacklights (AKA Tower Lights) are a step above the competition. Available in up to 5 LED modules (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, & White), these Stacklights are available with a 12 inch pole or can be directly mounted on top of the machine. With an operating voltage rating of 24 Vac/dc or 120 Vac, the Stacklight can be ordered with or without a warning sound. The Stacklights with sound come with 4 different sound types that are user selectable. Two of the sound types are standard (continuous & pulsing sound), but two are brand new to the industry and includes a double pulse sound, and a continuous sound for 5 seconds which then changes to a short pulse sound. The sound frequency is a desirable 2,000 Hz which is 1,000 Hz lower than existing Stacklights. Mallory’s 60mm Stacklights are ideal for use on larger industrial machines in applications such as machine tooling, food processing, water treatment, assembly, packaging, and general industrial control applications.

Mallory Sonalert 30mm Stacklights are small enough to be mounted directly on top of the machine control box. Options include 12 Vdc or 24 Vac/dc voltages, direct mount or 4 inch pole mount, and with or without sound. While only 1 sound type is available per Stacklight, there are seven different sounds to choose from when ordering including a chime sound unique to Mallory. These compact 30mm Stacklights are ideal to use on robots, cobots, 3D printers, scientific & engineering equipment, and smaller industrial machines. Mallory’s 30mm Stacklights are the lowest cost and most versatile available on the market.

30mm Stacklight Features

  • Up to 3 Light Modules  (Red, Yellow, Green)
  • 4 inch Pole or Direct Mount
  • With or Without Sound (1 Sound per Alarm; 7 Different Sound Types)
  • 12 Vdc or 24 Vac/dc
  • cUL Approved; NEMA 12; IP-52

60mm Stacklight Features

  • Up to 5 Light Modules  (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, & White)
  • 12 inch Pole or Direct Mount
  • With our Without Sound (4 Sounds per Alarm)
  • 24 Vac/dc or 120 Vac
  • cUL Approved; NEMA 12; IP-52