Product Guide

22mm Independently Controlled LED or Alarm


  • LED & Sound are Controlled Individually
  • Fits Standard 22mm Panel Hole
  • 20 to 28 Vdc or Vac/dc
  • 85 to 95 dB @ 2 ft.
  • Red, Green, Blue, & Yellow Colors
  • UL File # NKCR2.E478987
  • cUL File # NKCR8.E478987
  • cUL Approved; RoHS Compliant
  • NEMA 4X/3R/12; IP-66
  • Terminal Block Termination
    • Finger Proof Safe Handling
    • Prevents Shock & Shorting
    • Saves Assembly Time & Labor

Sound Descriptions

  • Continuous Tone: Constant tone until voltage is removed
  • Fast Pulse Tone: 10 pulses per second
  • Slow Pulse Tone: 1 pulse per second

Independently Controlled Model Descriptions

For Independently Controlled units, the sound and LED are controlled separately by the user. To activate the sound, apply the operating voltage to the sound (+) and (-) connections as shown on the specification sheet. To activate the LED, apply the operating voltage to the LED (+) and (-) connections as shown on the specification sheet. The following options are available when ordering (see above Part Number Scheme on how to order with these options):

  • IC1: Continuous Sound; Continuous LED
  • IC2: Fast Pulsing Sound; Continuous LED
  • IC3: Slow Pulsing Sound; Continuous LED
  • Other sound & LED options are available- contact Mallory with your needs

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