Tech Guide - Technical Bulletins

Double Unit Warblers SC628WR, SC628JWR, SC628FW, SC628FJW

The double unit warbler models require two audible alarm units to generate the alternating warble sound. The following combinations of models are possible:

Medium Loud – Fast Warble:

Use SC628DR with SC628WR (alternating 1900 Hz & 2900 Hz)
Use SC628HR with SC628WR (alternating 2900 Hz & 4500 Hz)

Medium Loud – Slow Warble:

Use SC628DR with SC628JW (alternating 1900 Hz & 2900 Hz)
Use SC628HR with SC628JW (alternating 2900 Hz & 4500 Hz)

Soft – Fast Warble:

Use SC628ER with SC628FW (alternating 1900 Hz & 2900 Hz)

Soft – Slow Warble:

Use SC628ER with SC628FJW (alternating 1900 Hz & 2900 Hz)

Wiring Diagram


The “R” in the part number means RoHS compliant. It is okay to use the same part number but without the “R”. For example, SC628W and SC628WR.

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