Market Application Guide

Medical Alarms


Audible alarms from Mallory Sonalert’s very broad product line are used in almost every type of medical application from consumer hand held meters to high reliability infant monitors. Customers include all major medical electronic companies and CM’s.


Apnea, Blood Heating, Call Stations, CPAP, Defibrillators, Dialysis, Drug Dispensers, Glucose Meters, Hand Held Meters, Hospital Beds, IEC60601-1-8, Incubators, Monitors (Anesthesia, Glucose, Heart, Infant, etc), Oximeters, Oxygen Concentrators, Respirators, Scanning Machines (CAT, MRI, X-Ray), Surgery Equipment, Ventilators, and others.

Alarms to Use for These Applications:

MSS Series, SBT Series, & SBS Series (cUL approved to IEC60601-1-8)
SMT Indicator:
SMT Transducer:
AST100Q, AST1109MLQ, AST1240MLQ, AST1628MAQ, AST1750MAQ, AST501Q, AST605Q, AST7525MAQ
PC Pin Indicator:
MAS800Q, MAS806Q, MSR320R, MSR516NR, PB-12N32MP05AQ, PB-12N23P-05Q, PK-12N40PQ, PK-20A25PQ
PC Pin Transducer:
PB-1220PQ, PB-1224PE-05Q, PB-1226PEAQ, PT-1240PQ, PT1540PQ, PT-2130FPQ, PT-2130PQ
Low Frequency:
PK-16N04W-12Q, PK-26N04P-06AQ, PK-26N04P-12AQ
Panel Mount:
SC307NR, SC616NR, SC628R, SC628NDR, SC628PR, SC110R, SNP428R, SCE028MD3CTB, ZA028MDCT, ZT028LDCTR

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