Product Guide

Panel Lights (Product Application Guide)


  • Blue, Green, & White models are not available in 2V ratings.
  • FL1M-6CJ-1 models are only available 48 Volts and less.
  • FL1M-6CJ-1, FL1M-6CW-2, & FL1M-8CW-4 models are rated DC Only. All other models are rated AC/DC.
  • Body styles which are available with the Molex connector include: FL1M-6CW-2; FL1M-6FW-1; FL1M-6SW-1; FL1P-6QW-1; FL1P-6QW-2; FL1M-8CW-4; FL1M-8FW-1; FL1M-8SW-1; FL1P-8NW-1; FL1P-8QW-1; FL1P-8QW-2; FL1P-10NW-1; FL1P-10NW-4; FL1P-10QW-1; FL1P-12QW-1; FL1P-12QW-2
  • For models with the Molex connector, use mating connector P/N 43020-0201

UL and CUL Approved Models:

  • FL1M-8FJ-2 Models- all colors and voltages
  • FL1M-10QW-1 Models- all colors and voltages
  • FL1M-8FW-1 Models- all colors and 110V and 220V voltages

Panel Light Characteristics

Housing StylePanel Hole Dia (mm)Snap-in or Thread & NutFront ShapeTerminationVolt TypeIP RatingUL & CUL
FL1M-6CJ-16 mmThreads & NutConvexPC PinsDCIP-65No
FL1M-6CW-26 mmThreads & NutConvexWires-24 AWG or ConnectorDCIP-50No
FL1M-6FW-16 mmThreads & NutFlatWires-24 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-6SW-16 mmThreads & NutRoundedWires-24 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-65No
FL1P-6QW-16 mmSnap-inFlatWires-24 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-6QW-26 mmSnap-inRoundedWires-24 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50No
FL1M-8CJ-28 mmThreads & NutConvexQuick ConnectAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-8CJ-38 mmThreads & NutConvexPC PinsAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-8CW-48 mmThreads & NutConvexWires-22 AWG or ConnectorDCIP-65No
FL1M-8FJ-28 mmThreads & NutFlatPC PinsAC/DCIP-65Yes
FL1M-8FW-18 mmThreads & NutFlatWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-65110V 220V
FL1M-8SJ-28 mmThreads & NutRoundedQuick ConnectAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-8SJ-38 mmThreads & NutRoundedPC PinsAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-8SW-18 mmThreads & NutRoundedWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-65No
FL1P-8NJ-18 mmThreads & NutRoundedQuick ConnectAC/DCIP-65No
FL1P-8NW-18 mmThreads & NutRoundedWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-8QJ-28 mmSnap-inRoundedQuick ConnectAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-8QW-18 mmSnap-inFlatWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-8QW-28 mmSnap-inRoundedWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-10NJ-410 mmThreads & NutFlatQuick ConnectAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-10NW-110 mmThreads & NutFlatWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-10NW-410 mmThreads & NutFlatWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-10QJ-110 mmSnap-inRoundedQuick ConnectAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-10QW-110 mmSnap-inRoundedWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50Yes
FL1M-12CA-112 mmThreads & NutFlatScrewsAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-12CJ-112 mmThreads & NutConvexQuick ConnectAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-12CW-112 mmThreads & NutConvexWires-18 AWGAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-12FW-112 mmThreads & NutFlatWires-18 AWGAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-12SJ-112 mmThreads & NutRoundedQuick ConnectAC/DCIP-65No
FL1M-12SW-112 mmThreads & NutRoundedWires-18 AWGAC/DCIP-65No
FL1P-12NJ-112 mmThreads & NutJut OutSolder LugAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-12QJ-112 mmSnap-inRoundedQuick ConnectAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-12QW-112 mmSnap-inRoundedWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-12QW-212.5 mmSnap-inFlatWires-22 AWG or ConnectorAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-16NJ-116 mmThreads & NutJut OutSolder LugAC/DCIP-50No
FL1P-22NA-122 mmThreads & NutJut OutScrewsAC/DCIP-50No

Gasket, Nut, & Washer Replacement List

Housing StylePanel Hole Dia (mm)NutGasketWasher
FL1M-6CJ-16 mmLM6lm6/’>FSQ6N/A
FL1M-6CW-26 mmLM6-2N/AN/A
FL1M-6FW-16 mmLM6lm6/’>FSQ6MHDP6
FL1M-6SW-16 mmLM6lm6/’>FSQ6MHDP6
FL1P-6QW-16 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1P-6QW-26 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1M-8CJ-28 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8MHDP8
FL1M-8CJ-38 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8MHDP8
FL1M-8CW-48 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8MHDP8
FL1M-8FJ-28 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8MHDP8
FL1M-8FW-18 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8MHDP8
FL1M-8SJ-28 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8MHDP8
FL1M-8SJ-38 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8MHDP8
FL1M-8SW-18 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8MHDP8
FL1P-8NJ-18 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8FSQ8-1
FL1P-8NW-18 mmLM8lm8/’>FSQ8FSQ8-1
FL1P-8QJ-28 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1P-8QW-18 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1P-8QW-28 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1P-10NJ-410 mmLM10N/AN/A
FL1P-10NW-110 mmLM10-1N/AN/A
FL1P-10NW-410 mmLM10N/AN/A
FL1P-10QJ-110 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1P-10QW-110 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1M-12CA-112 mmLM12lm12/’>FSQ12N/A
FL1M-12CJ-112 mmLM12lm12/’>FSQ12MHDP12
FL1M-12CW-112 mmLM12lm12/’>FSQ12MHDP12
FL1M-12FW-112 mmLM12lm12/’>FSQ12MHDP12
FL1M-12SJ-112 mmLM12lm12/’>FSQ12MHDP12
FL1M-12SW-112 mmLM12lm12/’>FSQ12MHDP12
FL1P-12QJ-112 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1P-12NJ-112 mmSLLM12N/AN/A
FL1P-12QW-112 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1P-12QW-212.5 mmN/AN/AN/A
FL1P-16NJ-116 mmSLLM16sllm16/’>SLQ16N/A
FL1P-22NA-122 mmSLLM22sllm22/’>SLQ22N/A

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